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“Conversions are never easy, however, I can honestly say that this one has been a piece of cake.”

Matt McLaughlin,
Vice President & Trust Manager,
Security Bank






DataStar is our process and procedure for the conversion of data, installation of software and training of employees to implement and utilize your new software package as quickly and flawlessly as possible.  This process also includes perpetual customization and all system upgrades at little to no increase in cost.


“Gulf hurricanes taught us to be prepared for the worst. TS Partners' approach allows us to function timely and efficiently no matter where we may be located. Truly a great partnership.”

Dot Miller,
Vice President & Manager,
Hancock Bank



DisaStar is an in-depth review and analysis of your disaster recovery plan.  It is a way to provide assurance and peace of mind that your organization will be operational and effective as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster or any event which disrupts your normal course of business. 

“This cost effective, time saving service assured me all data was filed and provided me with a confirmation for my records."

Lori Giampaolo,
Vice President-Cashier,
Northland Trust Services


FileStar is a process to assist our clients in filing electronic forms such as the TA-2 and 1099 interface file.  These yearly filings are submitted and tracked by our organization until successfully accepted by the corresponding regulatory agency.